Flying Wing with 4G mavlink telemetry

Long range 4G for fixed wings and multirotors

Harvest the power of 4G connection for unlimited range. 

Rock solid uplink no matter the obstacles.

You only need a Raspberry Pi and a 4G stick.

Unlimited Range
Backup Uplink
Multiple Cameras
Search & Rescue
Solid Reception
Mobile Control
4G drone with telemetry for fun


Raspberry Pi companion software for 4G connection

Get 4G connection on your drone either as main communication or as addition to existing RC/Camera setup. Get unlimited range and peace of mind for your long range drone.

Why Choose Us

When execution matters.
Be prepared.

Professional drone with 4G mavlink telemetry
Communication redundancy

As long as there is 4G reception you will be connected to your drone.

Range boost

With 4G your range is no longer limited to a distance or line of sight.

Ease of use

Simple installation & configuration.
No special skills required.
Supports fixed wing, multirotors and rovers.


In case of accident having live connection is crucial for recovering a lost drone.

4G for fixed wings

Flying FPV for fun? 4G can make it better. How much range is too much range? Yeah, we thought so too…

Hobby fixed wing with 4G mavlink telemetry
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Aerial Filming
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Aerial Photo

4G for multirotors

Don’t be limited by your reception, line of sight or pesky WiFi interference.

Unlimited Range

4G connection over secure network. The ultimate long range uplink for fixed wing, multirotor and rover

Redundant Connection

What is even better than a great connection to your drone? Having a second one. Just in case.

Industrial Drone with 4G mavlink telemetry
Unlimited cameras

Single camera or separate camera for each ground station? We got you covered.

All Ground Stations supported

With telemetry uplink you can use your ground station software of choice. Even on mobile devices.


Sky is no longer the limit

Any terrain, any distance. With 4G you can enjoy long range flights even from your couch at home. As long as you have where to take off from and land on…


When in doubt - ask us

Get in touch with every and any question on our Discord Server. If you are old fashioned and prefer email. Let us know.